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Are you seeking the means to deliver immediate and sympathetic, 24 hour home care or hospice call center assistance that is able to provide excellent answering service for your clients? Well, you can end your search and avail yourself and your clients with the call center answering services provided by All the Answers Call Center. All the Answers Call Center is a provider that offers a highly acclaimed answering service for your hospice call center needs. Our aim is to be that vital link assuring you and your clients that 24 hour professional care can be promptly available with just a phone call.

Our agents are expertly trained to accommodate all manner of calls regarding hospice care. In accordance to your stipulation, when your clients call us, we listen to their needs and provide them with the on-call connection to your staff member. All the Answers can provide customized, on-the-spot, call information reports to indicate your client call history. The reports display:

• Client information
• Client needs
• The staff member dispatched
• The means staff members were contacted
• Contact response time

This information can be utilized to measure staff performance, and the client levels of care. You can immediately access the reports via your web portal, email messages, faxes, or texts. We implement the most up-to-date technology in telecommunications. All the Answers Call Center’s customized dispatch software, on-call web scheduling, specialized web details, and professional agents providing live telephone answering service are winning combinations to assist your staff and clients.

All the Answers is committed to providing you with a positive difference in meeting the needs of your hospice answering service. You will be highly satisfied in our development of specialized services for your particular hospice service requirements. All the Answers Call is your answering service provider that can propel your hospice center above competing services. We can put you on that higher level with our trained agents, technology and commitment.

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